For over 20 years, Bison Pipe and Supply has been refining the “Art of the Gate.”  We believe we have designed one of the strongest gates on the market today.  The “Art of the Gate” is not a simple one. Customers want a gate that is strong enough to do the job, but not so heavy it pulls a fence over every time it is left open.

We have spent years testing and refining at gates in commercial facilities such as equine centers, arenas, yards, and dairy livestock facilities; through our testing we have designed a gate that is strong and safe.

Our gates are square on the corners to eliminate the “trap” a curved gate creates, thus keeping our customers’ gate animals safe.   The non-hinge sides of our gates are a heavy 14-gauge material coped, fitted and fully welded just like a car frame.  Coping and fitting the pipe together maintains the strength and reliability of the material.  Our hinges are welded in place using 4 inches of high tensile schedule 40 material, thus a gate hinge that will provide years of service.  The hinge is made of either 1” thread rod for wood posts or 3/8” thick steel plate for the weld on hinges.  Additionally, we have found by using a heavier pipe on the hinge side of the gate, the gate weighs less and lasts longer.

The “Art of the Gate” does not stop at the gate!  One of our primary concerns is the safety of our customers’ animals, including keeping them securely contained while also reducing injuries.  This concern means our strong gates need be effectively secured.  To help our customers secure their new gates, we use 2 1/2 feet of fully welded proof chain with our custom chain latch.  At Bison Pipe & Supply, we always included the additional feature of a safety snap ensuring years of service with plenty of chain to go around posts.

But the “Art of the Gate” is not quite finished.  To finish our gates and as an added measure to protect our customers and our customers’ animals, we cap the top and bottom at the end rails to eliminate wasp nests and sharp edges.  The finished “Gate” is the most used part of the fencing project.

Build it right! Build it Bison Tough!

Manufactured in the USA!

Sizes 4’-18’ in stock!

Orders for custom options and lengths always welcome!


Special COVID-19 Message: As a government-deemed essential business, we are currently open and fully operational. Here at Bison Pipe & Supply, the health and safety of our staff, customers, vendors and truck drivers remains top priority. Therefore, we are taking extra precautions and have adjusted our practices to ensure that we are in compliance with federal, state, and CDC guidelines. That being said, we’ve got the inventory for all your steel pipe needs, when and where you need it, so give us a call today!