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After years of creating our own exclusive products, we’ve decided to offer them especially to you! Some of the items we manufacture are Continuous Fence Panels, Portable Arena Panels, Gates, Roping Boxes, Pipe Jack Fence, Remote Control Horse Hot Walkers, Sheeted Slanted Round Pens, with various sheeting, and more. Latches of all kinds, trombone, cowboy, lever, and slam latch, or if you have a latch that you have designed we can build it for you. Great ideas welcome!

We have produced products for the University of Idaho and Montana State University Research centers. Working closely with both we delivered what works on time and on budget!



Bison Pipe and Supply bollards for shops, security entrances, custom to standard all available from Bison Pipe


Custom Gates

With our Custom Fabrication shop, we can produce the look and strength you are wanting for your project.



Custom Entrances set off your property as something special, we build massive to standard entrances each one custom.

Portable Arena Panels

Bison Pipe and Supply Arena panels started as a custom order for a customer and have become so popular they are part of our standard product line.


Cattle Guards

Bison Pipe and Supply Cattle guards for Livestock containment for the Rancher, Oilfields, Government and temporary crossings!


Rope Box

Bison Pipe and Supply Roping boxes have been favored by many, a safe tough design that makes the best roping box in the business.


Stripping Chute

Bison Pipe and Supply Stripping chute uses an easy to use from horseback design, has a raised floor for getting the cattle up and the ropes off.


Horse Feeder

Our Custom Built heavy duty 4′ x 6′ Feeder keeps hay where it belongs out of the dirt, saving you money in feed.


Steel Jack Fence

Bison Pipe and Supply Steel Jack Fence was designed to meet government needs and now available to the public.

Pro-Round Pen

Bison Pipe and Supply Pro-Round pens are designed for horse and rider safety, keeps your sand where it belongs and your horse focused on you.


Pre-Fabbed H-Braces

Bison Pipe Pre-fabricated H-Braces Hold your fence tight and will not burn up or deteriorate Like wood braces


Continuous Fence Panels

Bison Pipe and Supply Continuous fence panels are produced standard in two pipe sizes and 3 rail to 7 Rail all 14 gauge.



Bison Pipe and Supply Gates are Pound for Pound the toughest gates in the industry, Known throughout the northwest for quality and strength.