Frozen Water Tank Tips!

Freezing water tanks are always a problem in the winter.  So you have to do one of two things; Figure out how to get power to the tank for a tank heater Or break ice... I recently read about a trick some folks use out in the high desert country and thought I would try [...]

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So You Want An Arena…

So you are in the market for an arena.  A common question is “how much is an arena?” Well, our answer is always “that depends”….  You see there is the infamous $7,500 dollar complete arena out of Texas, clear up to the double world champion double XYZ NFR Priefert Arena. The real question is, "what [...]

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How do I make my fence “horse safe?“

Why is it my neighbor has his horse out in a field with old wire, old plows a couple of broken down cars, shards of glass and spikes sticking out of the ground but never gets hurt yet, my horse is in a padded stall and comes up lame??  Is it Murphy’s law? Dumb Luck? [...]

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7 Years Strong with Bison!

Happy 4th everyone, no not July 4th but May 4th the date the Bison was born. Bison Pipe and Supply is now 7 years strong, but we have been doing it for much longer. When we switched to our new name 7 years ago we made many changes, larger inventories, more space, better equipment, new designs, but none [...]

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Bison Pipe and Supply

This overhead is made with new 12 ¾” x .188 bare pipe. Here at Bison Pipe and Supply, we believe in helping out our community. Our latest charitable project took us to Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Bellevue, Idaho. They do amazing work utilizing equine-assisted therapy to help encourage the physical, mental [...]

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Steel Fencing And Steel Pipe

We know you want it done right. We know fencing is an investment and we think you should only have to make it once. Bison Pipe & Supply is your supplier of steel pipe and casing for industrial, structural and highway projects, steel pipe products for safety barriers, steel pipe and products for containment and [...]

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