7 Years Strong with Bison!

7 Years Strong with Bison!

Happy 4th everyone, no not July 4th but May 4th the date the Bison was born.

Bison Pipe and Supply is now 7 years strong, but we have been doing it for much

longer. When we switched to our new name 7 years ago we made many changes,

larger inventories, more space, better equipment, new designs, but none of that matters

as much as the people.  A company is only as good as its people.

The greatest equipment, the finest facilities, the fastest computers mean nothing without the right folks.

Thomas and Crew set the Bison standard for Customer service

Quality products, superior designs and the caring that goes into each order.

With the Bison crew on our side, the next 70 years doesn’t scare us at all!!

So a big ole Tip of the Stetson to our favorite Bison Tough Group… THE BISON TEAM!!


Thomas, Desiree, Ladd, Adrian, Rick, Cody, John, Levi, Eddy, Chris, Christian, Justin, and Mike!

Happy Anniversary folks and thank you for all you do !!! We would put you up against anyone!!